Word Smart Vocabulary

Word Smart Vocabulary

Word Smart Vocabulary

Poochy and Pocky from Pluto

Bobby and his sister were sleeping. They were jolted up from their deep sleep with a ‘bang’ sound. They raced out of their room and went to the front garden. There was nothing! “Let’s run to the backyard. Maybe there’s something there,” said Bobby. They zoomed to the backyard and were in for a surprise. Their eyes were wide open. They stared in awe. A spaceship had just landed! It had ‘P’s from Pluto’ written across it.

The door opened and two aliens hopped out. They rolled their huge eye balls and sniffed with their fat noses.” Hello! Will you please help us?” they squeaked. “We are here to lodge a complaint against our neighbours and all the astronomers and astronauts.” The two alien friends nodded in agreement. Drops of tears rolled down their cheeks while their voice quivered. “Do you know that our planet Pluto has been called a No Planet?” wailed Poochy. Pocky the other alien cried out,” We’ve even been called a Dwarf Planet! This is so unfair!”

Bobby and Bunty felt sorry for the aliens.” We will talk about this with our dad. He is an astronomer and he might help you,” they assured the aliens. Poochy and Pocky blew them a kiss and hopped back into the spaceship. Away they whirred with a ‘swoosh’ into space.

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