HOP LEVEL (Class 2)

HOP LEVEL (Class 2) online

HOP LEVEL (Class 2)

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About Summer Classes

Trox was a naughty fox. While on a walk with his mother and father he would always run here and there. One day he quietly slipped away and went into the deep, dense forest where he was not allowed to go on his own. And lo! He got lost. He kept looking eagerly at a bunch of ripe juicy berries and greedily ate a mouthful. He then tried to return home as it was getting dark! He was scared of spiders and leeches. He so badly wanted to return to his parents. He howled and howled. Soon his mom and dad came running to fetch him. But not before they pulled his ears and tugged his tail for being disobedient.


  • : 2 Months
  • : Life skills
  • : 45
  • : All Ages
  • : 100


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